Target workers play Santa to shoppers trapped in store

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Northern Target has become an unexpected Christmas haven for trapped customers during a deadly weekend blizzard, and stranded shop elves spring into action to save the holidays.

“They said, ‘We have whatever you need.’

About 20 customers and seven employees were stranded at a Cheektowaga store outside Buffalo on Friday as a historically frigid winter storm began to bring several feet of snow to the area.

In a series of TikTok videos, shopper Carla Rodriguez documented employees creating memorable “family” gatherings.

“The first night wasn’t bad,” she said in a video posted on Saturday. …but we are safe and people are preparing.”

According to The Buffalo News, which first reported the Euletide slumber party, things became more festive as workers provided free food, hot cocoa, water, heaters, blankets, mattresses and coloring books along the way.

“I got a TV for the Bills game and some activities. I’m trying to make the best of today,” Rodriguez said in a Christmas Eve video shot from the Starbucks inside the store.

Jessica Shipniewski, who was trapped in the store with her children and boyfriend, said of the behavior of her employees:

“You never know. People could have died. I truly believe they saved lives,” she said.

Some trapped are playing games like Uno, watching movies, and taking selfies for the thousands of fascinating people who follow their stories on social media. Some were busy.

“If I had to get stuck somewhere, I would pick Target!” the TikTok user told Rodriguez after posting a video of him having fun with washable crayons while enjoying chocolate milk.

Sypniewski’s children pick out items in targets while people are stuck.

Sypniewski and son Samuel Lebron Jr. smile for a selfie.

Sypniewski and son Samuel Lebron Jr. smile for a selfie.


Sypniewski’s son, Samuel Lebron Jr., is taking a nap.


Target’s executive vice president, Mark Cindere, confirmed to the Post in a statement on Monday that those trapped would not have to pay for anything used during the storm.

“Usually when we refer to Tarzai’s magic, we’re talking about the kind of product that our guests can only find on Target and can’t live without,” Cindere said.

“On Christmas Eve, the phrase took on a whole new meaning. Thanks to the compassion and quick thinking of our team members at the Walden Galleria store, we were able to provide shelter to those stranded, care, comfort and holiday cheer. could also be provided.

“Their actions are worth living Thank you for being an example of Target’s values ​​and helping those in need. ”

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