Smooth Travel at Duluth International Airport

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DULUTH, Minnesota — The Arrivals and Departures Board at Duluth International Airport today did not reflect what the rest of the country is still facing. I’m late.

Tyler Ryder, who just returned from Michigan, said: I boarded the plane on time, boarded the second plane on time, and got here. “
That was the experience of a rider today who flew from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Minneapolis to Duluth.

Today’s flight was fine for Tristan Therrien, but the weekend was a little different.
Returning from Montreal, Sellien said: “(The flight) was good. We were supposed to be back yesterday, but it was canceled. It was a pretty big storm. So it went pretty well. No delays or anything like that. ” Hi Travel also took me to Minneapolis before going to Duluth.

Traveling with kids can be tough, but on our flight from Kansas City, one young passenger was a little unfazed!
“We lost her like a binky at home, at my parent’s house…they’re going to mail it.”

As for the actual flight, it was from Kansas City so there were no issues or delays.
It was pretty much the same story from each of the travelers we spoke to at the airport.

Now, everyone hopes that the weather will have far less impact in the future.

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