Watch a Ford GT Drag Race a C8 Corvette Z06

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We already know that the C8 generation Corvette Z06 is an extraordinary car. At Corvette prices and production numbers, the naturally aspirated mid-engined American continues his Ferrari glorious days. We also know that the Ford GT is an automotive beast in its own right and deserves its famous name. The Corvette packs the punch of a very special naturally aspirated engine into a much more common car, while the GT packs a less adventurous turbocharged six-cylinder into an unusually specialized chassis. But which one is faster?

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in a rolling drag race as part of a comparative review by a YouTube channel throttle housethe GT still seems to have a narrow edge. The more specialized Ford takes an early lead and maintains a small lead throughout, thanks to its weight advantage.

The side-by-side test also includes driving time with both cars, highlighting the very different approaches that Ford and GM have taken to today’s ultimate performance cars. Both are also benchmarked against his song Ferrari 458 Speciale, a very special naturally aspirated V-8 Ferrari Swan that has made so many comparisons to his latest Z06.

Ferrari is a very special one, but it was only produced from 2013 to 2015. The ultra-limited Ford GT will end production at the end of this year. The Z06 has just started production, and his Z06 production numbers for the previous generation suggest these cars are quite common by supercar standards. Performance may be similar to other cars already on the market, but Chevrolet’s ability to make its performance akin to mass production is a true feat.

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