Jackson, Mississippi issues boil water notice as cold weather likely caused breaks in the troubled system

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The city of Jackson, Mississippi, issued a citywide boiling water notice after the problematic system lost pressure due to a disconnection that could have been caused by the weather, according to a city statement.

The notice follows widespread problems with water pressure and brown water spewing from faucets and toilets in the fall. Residents have warned about this problem for years.

Last February, a devastating winter storm ravaged parts of Mississippi, including the capital, bursting water pipes and leaving tens of thousands of residents without water for weeks.

City officials said crew members have been working to find and repair the line break since this Christmas weekend.

The city, which issued a boiling water notice on Sunday, said some areas may be experiencing low pressure. Even if pressure is restored, the city said it would boil the water until further notice.

The city has asked citizens to turn off the water taps on Sunday afternoon when temperatures are above freezing. The city also asked residents to check businesses and churches for leaks and broken pipes.

“Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We understand the timing is terrible. Please note that we are unable to issue notices during the Christmas holidays.”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves issued an emergency order in August after a serious operational failure at the OB Curtis water treatment plant in Jackson caused widespread problems with the city’s water system.

Jackson has long faced water system problems. Residents and activists point to years of systematic neglect as one of the main causes. Some city leaders have accused the state of failing to respond to calls for help to improve its aging water system.

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