AAA tips for safe holiday travel

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Idaho Falls, Idaho (KIFI) – With just one week left in the holiday season, some travelers are just getting started.

As more snow and cold move into our region, AAA experts are helping travelers be prepared. It is said that a safe trip begins before you even put your key in the ignition.

“It’s natural to want to scan the road and remove all the debris from your car,” said Matthew Conde, public relations director for AAA Idaho. “So clean windshields, headlights, brake lights, the whole point is to see and be seen.”

Even if you’re used to winter in our area, holiday traffic is something else. Always plan when traveling long distances.

“When traveling long distances, I always encourage making good plans and communicating those plans to friends and family so they know what to expect. If you don’t arrive In case they can act on your behalf, they may alert the authorities or help you,” Conde said.

Also, watch out for inexperienced winter drivers and other obstacles as out-of-state travelers hit the icy roads.

“The roads are very dynamic at this time of year, looking for debris, potholes, wildlife and cars crossing in front of us, so we want to make sure people are actively scanning the roads. It’s all evidence that we need to be careful,” Conde said.

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