10 biggest Houston food stories of 2022

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From the controversial “Welcome to Austin” bar to the history of Houston’s oldest restaurant, here are the biggest things you missed this year.

Feges BBQ knows how to present meat.

Feges BBQ knows how to present meat.

Photo by Robert Jacob Lerma

It’s been another busy year for Houston’s food and drink scene. It featured an endless shuffle of breweries with new openings (some welcomed, some not welcomed) and nostalgic tales of the city’s oldest gem. In fact, 2022 was a timeless year. Here are the biggest stories you missed this year.

10. 15 Restaurants with the Best BBQ in Houston

Side at the Pit Room
The many sides offered in the Montrose pit room.
JC Reid / Contributor
Houstonians certainly love their ‘cues’ and one of the most utilized stories this year was the 15 best in the region to get their hands on great smoked meats, from brisket and ribs to sausage and pulled pork. A collection of restaurants. Is your favorite here?

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9. “Welcome to Austin” reads the mural outside The Heights’ new bar

A “Welcome to Austin on the Heights” mural outside a new Houston bar called Austin.
Emma Balter
Houstonians love Austin, right? “Nobody said it” is how most people follow that rhetorical question, but this year someone actually figured there was an appetite for Bat City culture here. It was very popular with college students.

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8. Guide to 15 Outstanding Galveston Restaurants and Bars

A spot in Galveston could be called a spot.
A spot in Galveston could be called a spot.
The Spot
This handy guide was picked up by Houstonians when they made the pilgrimage to Galveston each spring and summer. The seaside town has plenty to offer, from seafood restaurants to trendy bars.

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7. Generations of Houstonians grew up eating at Molina’s Cantina

Molina's Cantina CW Special (tacos al carbon, cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, pico, guacamole).  Molina's is Houston's oldest family-owned Tex-Mex restaurant, celebrating his 75th anniversary in 2016.
Molina’s Cantina is Houston’s oldest Tex-Mex restaurant.
Kimberly Park
Molina’s Cantina is Houston’s oldest Tex-Mex restaurant, now 80 years old. We took a deep dive into its history, highlighting how the restaurant has evolved and expanded over the years, and a former U.S. president who has been a regular for decades.

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6. How a family renamed Houston’s oldest restaurant to buy it

Christie's Seafood & Steaks is celebrating its 105th anniversary this year.
Christie’s Seafood & Steaks is Houston’s oldest restaurant.
Christie’s Seafood & Steak
The Christie name has carried over in a very unconventional way. Over 50 years ago, two of her Christie Seafood & Steaks employees were given the opportunity to purchase the restaurant. catch? They should change their last name to Christie.

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5. The huge new Heights Patio Bar is a summer hangout

Patterson Park in Heights borders the White Oak Bayou Trail.
Patterson Park in Heights borders the White Oak Bayou Trail.
Emma Balter
Patterson Park is a sprawling 9,000-square-foot multi-level bar with a treehouse feel that opened in April on Houston’s White Oak Bayou Trail. When we checked it out when it debuted in a big way, the boys wanted to know more.

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4. Houston’s oldest Chinese restaurant is still alive

Rocket fans enjoy a pre-game dinner at the China Garden Restaurant on downtown Leland Street on Saturday, March 3, 2018.  (Photo by Dave Rothman)
Rocket fans enjoy a pre-game dinner at China Garden in March 2018.
Dave Rothman/Freelance
The China Garden has been a city staple for over 50 years. Houstonians still flock to restaurants for heaps of rice and meat platters and Texas-sized egg rolls. Today, Carole Joo Churchill and Richard Joo continue the legacy of their deceased parents.

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3. Another Houston Brewery Is Closing, Others Are For Sale

Beer garden at City Acre Brewing
Beer garden of City Acre Brewing. It was on the verge of closing but had a new owner instead.
Arguably, 2022 was the busiest year for Houston Beer. One of his most read articles was about the closure of City Acre Brewing, but was saved at the last minute by a surprise buyer of his. Other companies such as Bearded Fox, Local Group (now Gristworkz) and B52 also got new owners this year.

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2. Thai restaurant in Houston closes after 27 years

Thai Gourmet on Richmond Avenue closed in May 2022.
Thai Gourmet on Richmond Avenue closed in May 2022.
FoodWanderer A./Yelp
A longtime staple near the Galleria closed abruptly this year. The company, which has been in business for his nearly 30 years, recently became the defendant in a lawsuit filed by a former employee alleging unlawful retaliation.

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1. This Texas Hill Country town is cool new Fredericksburg

A 142-acre Hill Country property in Johnson City, Texas that was owned by President Lyndon B. Johnson is on the market for $2.8 million.
Johnson City is the former residence of President Lyndon B. Johnson.
dave murray real estate
I heard it first here. Fredericksburg is gone, Johnson City is in. While the former has caught the attention of all tourists, the latter has really grown into something of its own over the last few years, with exciting new bars and tasting his rooms. Check out our guide for where to wine, eat and shop.

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