Trump’s Culpability Revealed by ‘One Smoking Gun’ in Jan. 6 Report: Lawyer

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A legal expert and former special adviser to the Pentagon said on Saturday that there was a “cricket” to prove former President Donald Trump’s responsibility for the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Ryan Goodman, a legal scholar focused on U.S. national security law and policy, appeared on CNN to discuss the House Select Committee’s final report on Jan. 6 and the criminal charges against Trump. At one point, host Kate Baldwin asked Mr. Goodman, cited in the report, which piece of evidence in it was the “worst” for the former president.

Goodman highlighted a phone call between Trump and Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ronna McDaniel.

“I think the most egregious thing is under the heading of the scheme to set up these fake electoral rolls,” Goodman said. It’s like a federal crime that’s part.New evidence, brand new evidence that’s never been seen before, pointing it at Trump and Mark Meadows…”

He continued: [legal adviser] John Eastman said, “I want you to organize a fake electoral roll.” That’s all there was in the past. We now know she called Donald Trump shortly after her call and said, ‘I accept your request.’ It’s about him, not Eastman.”

Eastman served as Trump’s legal counsel for several months between the 2020 presidential election and the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol. A selection committee investigation found Eastman was an ally of Trump and, among other things, planned a plan that Vice President Mike Pence claimed would destroy the election results during the verification process and help keep Trump in power. The commission’s final report referred Trump to the Department of Justice (DOJ) on four criminal charges and named East as one of a handful of co-conspirators worth investigating. named Mr Mann.

The charges against Trump included obstruction of official process, conspiracy to deceive the United States, conspiracy to make false statements, and “inciting,” “aiding,” or “aiding or comforting” an insurgency.

Donald Trump and Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ronna McDaniel are seen at a 2017 fundraising event. A legal scholar on Saturday called a series of phone calls between Trump and McDaniel “smoking gun” proving Trump’s responsibility in planning the presidential election in January. 6 Insurrection Attempts.
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Goodman went on to point to further evidence from figures related to Trump’s 2020 campaign, noting that he was actively involved in plotting to reverse his defeat to Joe Biden.

“And told the Commission that it was Donald Trump, [Rudy] Giuliani was in control of this fake electoral roll, and what Giuliani was doing, as far as they were concerned, was doing what Donald Trump wanted them to do.”It’s pretty devastating.” .

Newsweek I reached out to the Trump office for comment.

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