Take $79 off this car-friendly tent that needs no pitching

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TL;DR: As of December 25th, you can get the Carsule Pop-Up Car Tent(opens in new tab) Only $299.99 instead of $379, save 20%.

Stories of people quitting full-time jobs and living a nomadic life certainly sound appealing, but when you think about it, life on the move doesn’t seem very convenient. The mere lack of an unheated shower is enough to deter most of us from the idea of ​​going full nomad.

But if you still want a taste of that life, the CARSULE POP-UP CABIN lets you stay comfortably in your car so you can go camping anywhere.(opens in new tab) Eliminates the most tedious task of pitching a tent. We are also offering 20% ​​off for a limited time.

A Kickstarter hit with 70 backers and nearly $20,000 in donations, the previously featured CARSULE serves as an outdoor living room. Unlike most standard tents that are only intended for sleeping, CARSULE is a cubic shape that allows for a cubic height of 2 meters and an interior roomy enough for a wide range of indoor activities. Provides more mobility.Can be installed on vehicles with a tailgate(opens in new tab) It swings up so you’re not limited by the size inside your vehicle. It also allows unlimited configurations to meet your unique needs.

For those who are concerned about rain and wind, the CARSULE ceiling line is slanted, so accessories can be hung to prevent deformation. Also waterproof and UV resistant, guy ropes can withstand high winds. To be honest, this is the most important part.

Ready to try van life? Maybe it’s the one for you — even if it’s just for one day. CARSULE POP-UP CABIN (opens in new tab)Regular retail price is $379, but for a limited time, it’s on sale for $299.99 (20% savings).

Prices are subject to change.

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