Stats Of The Weird: Steelers Vs Raiders

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Weird stats for a special night. Merry Christmas.

– 50 years ago, the Steelers beat the Raiders by scoring 13 points and scoring the game-winning touchdown.

And 50 years later they did exactly the same. Insane.

– Cam Heyward is now one of three Steelers defensive linemen with 75+ career sacks, joining legends Joe Greene and LC Greenwood.

– Alex Highsmith has 12 sacks this season and is one of five Steelers to reach that mark in the last 20 years. others? TJ Watt, James Harrison, Lamar Woodley, Hayward. pretty good company.

– Rookie Connor Hayward closed things out with a 21-yard rush. It was his first of his NFL career and the longest rush since November 24, 2018, his 26-yard rush in a win over Rutgers. Saturday night was a slightly different animal.

– CB Arthur Maulet picked his first pass since December 2020…again against the Raiders. That game, Mole’s Jets he lost by three. Yesterday, his Steelers won by a margin of three against him. In both cases Maulet chose his Derek Carr. That’s his man to attack.

– The Steelers/Raiders took a total of 5 penalties last night. From 2017 to 2021 they didn’t play in a game like that. No more than 5 flags combined. But since goodbye week, the Colts, and now the Raiders game, it’s happened to them twice.

– As you might imagine, good things happen when Cam Heyward scores at least two sacks. The Steelers are 9-0-1 career if Hayward has two or more of his sacks. The only “bruise” is his 16-16 draw with the Detroit Lions last year.

– Since 1982, Hayward has become one of only seven Steelers to record 10 career 2+ sack games. The current leader is James Harrison and he is 17 times. TJ Watt he is 16 times.

– Minka Fitzpatrick hit five INTs this year, setting a career-high set in 2019, his first season with the Steelers. The only players in this century with multiple INT 5+ seasons are Troy Polamalu, Fitzpatrick and…you guessed it, CB Chad he’s Scott.

– Raiders RB Josh Jacobs averaged just 2.9 YPC, his worst performance of the season. His 15 yards for Davante Adams were also his third-lowest for the year. Pittsburgh has closed its Las Vegas Star.

– Nagy Harris’ nine goals tonight was a season-high and second-most in his career, behind only his record 19 against the Bengals last season.

– Finally, Pittsburgh enjoyed its first few of the season. Although he won the TO game 3-1, he turned the ball over and won for the first time. The Steelers needed him to turn the ball over at least once to make him 1-7.

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