Craig Wrolstad on late Patriots fumble: Rhamondre Stevenson was not “controlled” by defense

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Another game for the Patriots, another pool report explaining the key calls they didn’t win.

This week, chair umpire Craig Urrolstad explained that he didn’t judge run-back Ramondre Stevenson to stop his progress before he fumbled in the Cincinnati 10.

Down 22-18 (after trailing 22-0), the Patriots scored first out of five in 1:04. Stevenson got the ball in the handoff, went up center, was pushed backwards, groped before he fell.

“How much thought did New England have about letting Ramondre Stevenson die and blowing out a fumble play because progress stalled?” pool reporter Mike Rice asked Urrolstad after the game. I was.

“To move forward, the runners have to be controlled by the defense,” said Wrolstad. “He has to be held and controlled, basically taken off his feet. I didn’t feel like I was there.He still had free yardage and obviously he could still miss.”

Stevenson took responsibility for the fumble after the game, explaining to reporters:was trying to make something happen” and “probably [was] doing more than it should. ”

Regarding the possibility that play should have been stopped, Stevenson said: They called a fumble. He admitted he was fighting for extra yards and “probably should have gone down.”

It happens to almost all players. He wasn’t trying to grope. he was trying to score. Defensive players have a say, with the opportunity to knock out the ball. This is what happened today.

Today, the loss left the Patriots 7-8, further shaky on their path to the playoffs. They end with a visit from Dolphins and a trip to Buffalo.

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