6 New Fast-Food Restaurants that Opened in 2022

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The first McDonald’s burger spot opened in 1940. The first Burger King opened in 1954. Taco Bell has been around since 1962. for a long time. But they had to start somewhere sometime, right? For the new fast food restaurant we’re discussing today, 2022 was the year of its founding.

Will they become a national chain or an international success story in the years and decades to come? Only time will tell. For now, though, we know these spots have already gotten a lot of buzz, so keep them on your list if you pass by the town where they put down roots.

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Courtesy of Hart House

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart got into the fast food business in his own way. He has launched his vegan fast food restaurant, Hart His House, which has two of his locations in the Los Angeles area and more outlets at the time of this writing. The chain is dedicated to providing plant-based foods free of cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors or preservatives, corn syrup, and trans fats.

Brooklyn DOP
Brooklyn DOP / Facebook

This slice-of-the-slice pizza restaurant in Brooklyn got its start during the pandemic, with chefs cooking in their own apartments and delivering food. Home cooking was so delicious that I opened a physical store where I could stop by. Infatuation Named one of NYC’s top pizza spots, rave reviews for grandma’s pizza with garlic confit.

Little Heart Cafecito Breakfast Burrito
Courtesy of Little Heart Cafe Sito

Part coffee shop, part chocolatier, part breakfast spot, this new Santa Barbara spot is hard to pin down. doesn’t really care what the definition is. Or Oaxacan chocolate.

Lankybox Kitchen Hood
Courtesy of Lankybox Kitchen

Do you love pizza, chicken wings, French fries, and other unhealthy but nostalgic goodies from your childhood at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants? Lankybox Kitchen transforms Chuck E. Cheese facilities into ghost kitchens A decidedly unique new restaurant concept that uses and delivers food directly to your door via DoorDash.

Asian mall cunchese on a stick
Provided by Asia Mall

Asia Mall is a fresh and bold food concept. Part grocery store, part food court, part retail establishment, all housed under his one roof in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. size. Asia Mall currently has about six quick-service Asian restaurants, with more to come.

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Le Coupe Chicken Sandwich
Le Coupe / Yelp

Another restaurant that started out as a delivery-only Ghost Kitchen model during the pandemic but is now a brick-and-mortar location, Le Coupe is garnering a lot of attention among Los Angeles residents. Now, a fried chicken sandwich and a bone-in thigh, he offers two “mains,” along with several salads, sides, and desserts. But watch this spot grow.

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