5 Weird Food Trends Of 2022

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The strange food combination has received a lot of attention from internet users.

In the wide world of social media, anything can become popular very quickly. Weird food recipes and combinations have become his viral trend this year. Some may want to give it a try, while others may want to get away from these food trends as much as possible.

Maggie Rudd


This bizarre snack has sent the internet into a frenzy. Maggi has been used in many bizarre food experiments before, but this trend has gone too far. The user used jaggery, cardamom his powder, butter, raw maggi and rolled it into his laddu ball. Admittedly, I won’t try this.

cheese chai

Leehe 3vg

People have been using cheese in many different dishes from pizza to dosas and this product has arrived. But this time, one internet he user has put a cheesy twist on the classic chai. The combination is so bizarre, a user said, “I vomited three times after watching this.”

garlic ice cream


Have you ever thought of combining garlic in a dessert? No, but here is another weird recipe that has shocked the internet. was. The blogger filled the mold with water and peeled garlic. He then pushed a popsicle stick into it and froze the ice cream.

golgappa shake


Adding to this list, there’s another nasty trend that users have made with their mixer grinder: the Golgappa Shake. Golgappa shells, potato mix, golgappa water and chutney are all mixed in a blender, blended and then transferred to a glass to create a liquid-like drink.

fruit dosa


While many people enjoy the classic dosa, some seek fusion and broaden their palates to Chinese dosa. But have you heard of fruit dosa? In this strange recipe, apples, bananas, grapes, chopped dried he fruit, paneer pieces and various sauces were added to make the masala. Then the masala was put on a crunchy golden dosa.

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