What I Love About Solo Travel — Most Of The Time

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Solo traveler snapshot

Mia Ransom Parnell at Chautauqua Park on the Flatiron Trail in Boulder, Colorado

Photo credit: Mia Ransom Parnell

  • name: Mia RP
  • Year: 58
  • position: Birmingham, Alabama
  • marital status: single
  • Favorite solo trip: Ireland

As a young girl, Mia dreamed of exploring Paris and the world. After beating her breast cancer, she decided to pack her bags and travel. She loves the freedom and comfort she gets from traveling alone.

solo travel inspiration

A trip awaits: What made you start traveling alone?

Mia: I am a breast cancer survivor and after living long enough to see my children go to college, I decided to travel.

first solo trip

A trip awaits: How was your first solo trip?

Mia: As a child, I fell in love with the city when I heard Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sing “April in Paris.” The yearning of their voices made me want something I had never seen. I didn’t know any black people who had traveled to Paris. It seemed like an impossible dream.The moment you stand in front of me Mona Lisa As an adult, the moment I realized I was actually in Paris was when I realized that I could go anywhere I wanted to go. I wanted to see as much of the world as possible before I died.

Favorite place to travel alone

A trip awaits: What do you like about traveling alone?

Mia: To be alone!

favorite solo trip

A trip awaits: What is your favorite solo trip of all time and why?

Mia: Visited Ireland for my 20th breast cancer prevention. Inspired and encouraged by her good friend Visa Miles. Except for 2020 and her 2021, I travel somewhere new every October to celebrate the breast cancer choir.

Biggest solo travel concerns

A trip awaits: What was your biggest concern before your first solo trip and how did you overcome it?

Mia: I had a mastectomy on a long flight and was worried about developing lymphedema. I always brought compression sleeves and gloves to prevent that.

group or individual travel

A trip awaits: Do you travel as a group or as an individual? Why?

Mia: I prefer to travel independently. Be your best self while traveling. Then I am no one’s mother, daughter, employee, employer, or partner. I’m just Mia

Favorite travel products

A trip awaits: What is your must-have travel product?

Mia: my unlocked iphone.

I wanted to join the group for this trip…

A trip awaits: Are there any solo locations/destinations that have been better with a group? Why?

Mia: No. But a herd of buffalo crossed in front of me when I visited Colorado, and I wish I had friends. We would have looked at each other and said, “Did you see that?” It was unbelievable!

Best solo travel advice

A trip awaits: What advice would you give to someone thinking of traveling alone?

Mia: Do not wait for others to appear in your dreams. go! Incorporate “unscheduled days” into your itinerary. There’s at least one day where I explore, get lost, and meet the people the universe sent me, and it’s always the best part of my travels.

You can follow Mia’s adventures on Instagram @MiaAdventura.

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