See The All-Star Collection Of Rare American Sports And Muscle Cars At This Enormous Car Show

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This massive Midwestern show showcases the best and rarest vintage Corvettes and muscle cars.

Visiting the auto show setup is just as interesting as being there after it officially opens. The people behind the YouTube channel Muscle Car Appraisal showed us some great cars at the pre-show of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) show in Rosemont, Illinois.They show us some excellent survivor Chevrolet Corvettes and some hard-to-find muscle cars, including special cars pontiac Firebird Trans Am; see over 500 cool cars in this video.

From Chevy Corvette C2s to Barn Finds and beyond

Even if the owners put older generation Chevrolet Corvettes in their assigned spots during the pre-show, it’s hard to guess how many are actually here. His 7.0 liter 427 engine introduced by Chevrolet in his 1966 is well reproduced. One of his, a 1967 model, has a very rare original auburn exterior paint job. There are also some of his Corvettes, his 36-gallon big tanks designed by Chevrolet for endurance road racing. In addition to the C2, some handsome C1s and C3s stand out.

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Corvettes far outnumber those found in the barn, but a 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda catches the eye. On the C-pillar he has a patch of rust from the 70’s that is attractively rough and I wish the original 340 CI mill was still there. The 1965 Chevelle has extensive body rust and sits next to a brand new big block engine. Perhaps its owner will drop the new engine into Chevrolet after doing the extensive work required.

The rarely seen Trans Am shines among other alternative muscle cars

Muscle cars and sports cars line up in bright hangars
Via: YouTube by Muscle Car Appraisal

The variety of unusual muscle cars at the MCACN show is mind-boggling. A recent model Cobra Jet Ford Mustang squats next to his 1962 Pontiac Super Duty with a 445 engine. The black Dodge Super Bee 426 Hemi GTX is as striking as the Oldsmobile 442 with its elusive W30 engine and red inner fenders.

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But the rarest of them all is the 1969 Pontiac Trans Am 303 Ram Air V. Intake port with maximum displacement.

Unfortunately, general motors Due to supplier issues, only 25 of these cars were produced. Management’s recognition that the popularity of muscle cars was waning was another strike against this Trans Am, yet its highly effective engine design made him one of the most interesting cars on the show. I’m here.

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