Pet Pig’s Excitement Over Trip to ‘In-n-Out’ Burger Is Irresistible

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Everyone was delighted to meet Merlin.

Puppy cups and puppy patties are just a few of the fast food menu items pet owners order for their beloved animals, but Marlin the pet pig takes the in-and-out journey to the next level. I’m here. He and his human mother, @mina.alali, were very popular with drive-thru employees. His special menu may be just ice cubes and lettuce, but trips to restaurants make meals so special.

After watching the Mina and Merlin video, it makes me want to take my own fur baby to the drive-thru. This way our pets get treats and everyone else smiles!

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What a cute piglet! Merlin certainly loves his mother as much as he does food, but he also got all the attention.

Viewer @lauraj2315 commented, “Merlin was so excited and the girl who ordered you was so cute. Seeing adorable animals brings out the best in everyone! Merlin tags the drive-thru run He does good deeds every time, and this video is proof of that.

@Lydbackhouse wrote: They are so hard to resist! If you have the ability, you might be tempted to adopt a pig yourself, but it’s very important to do your research before getting a new pet. Be happy like this!

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