Body With Bag Over Head Found in Bloody Freezer in South Philly – NBC10 Philadelphia

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A man of note is currently in custody after the body of a man with a bag over his head was found in a freezer along with a bloody knife near his home in South Philadelphia on Friday.

Chief Inspector Scott Small of the Philadelphia Police Department said police “have made the gruesome and tragic discovery of a dead body in a freezer box in the basement.”

Police taped the sidewalk in front of a house along 1200 blocks on Snyder Avenue and was found face down in a refrigerator.

Small said family members of the two men went to his home to check on him. They found a lot of blood in the house and called the police.

Police arrived around 6:30 a.m. and saw blood going down the basement stairs, Small said.

“When officers opened the freezer box, they found a face-down corpse,” Small said.

The bag was on the person’s head. Medical personnel pronounced him dead on the spot.

Small said he may have been stabbed to death.

Investigators didn’t know exactly who was in the freezer, but Small said the recently disappeared father and son were known to be in the house frequently. rice field.

Police searched a white SUV parked outside the house.

Small said there was no evidence of forced entry and it was not clear how long the bodies had been in the house.

On Friday afternoon, police said a “person of interest” was in custody in connection with what they called a “murder by stabbing.” However, no one has been charged. Police continue to speak to the victim’s family.

A neighbor told NBC10 that a man with a knife was recently sighted in the neighborhood. I said I was.

At least 503 murders were reported in Philadelphia this year, according to Philadelphia Police Department data. It’s the second year in a row that he topped 500 homicides in the city, but it’s down about 8% from the same time last year, when the city had the highest number of deaths on record.

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