14-mile stretch of northbound I-71 in NKY remains closed

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Glencoe, Kentucky (WXIX) – Due to dangerous road conditions early on Christmas Eve, the 14-mile stretch of I-71 northbound in Gallatin County remains closed.

A closed interstate highway in northern Kentucky extends from mile marker 55 to mile marker 65, according to the Kentucky State Police.

“Avoid Interstate 71 in Gallatin County,” Gov. Andy Beshear said Saturday. “Please stay away from the whole area.”

Initially, the line of backup vehicles parked on the interstate stretched 14 miles, according to the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

The Kentucky National Guard helped more than 700 vehicles turn overnight and travel south on I-71 North to Exit 62, the governor said in an update Saturday.

As of 6:30 am, KYTC said 7 miles of backup traffic had been cleared.

KYTC added that it would take several hours to reroute the remaining vehicles.

Once Interstate 71 in Gallatin County is fully open, Gov. Beshear said he will issue an executive order limiting speed from the 71/75 interchange to the Watterson Expressway near Louisville to 45 mph.

Drivers stranded on interstates are encouraged to call 911 in case of an emergency.

One lane of southbound I-71 in Gallatin County is open, but traffic flow is slow, according to KYTC.

Troopers said multiple cicadas were out of order in the southbound opposite lane of Interstate 71.

An emergency alert was issued late Friday, notifying drivers that Interstate 71 was closed for the second time on the same day.

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