Weather at your travel destination may impact your flight

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If you are traveling on vacation, check your flight status and the weather at your destination, as it can affect your travel plans.

Officials say the security lines may come and go, but they tend to be busiest before 8am.

As of Thursday afternoon, the airline has canceled about 34 flights.

Passenger Christine Mann came to Austin from Seattle and had to delay her trip by a few days.

“It was 17 degrees, and I think it felt like 11 degrees,” she said.

Austin has cool temperatures, but no snow or ice.

“It’s okay. It’s better than we were there. I actually stayed in a hotel room the night before because I heard the line was very late. The weather made it difficult to get to the airport.” My first flight was cancelled, and then came two days later,” Mann said.

Severe winter weather is something other passengers going to California and Dallas want to avoid.

“That’s why I’m leaving,” said a passenger named Hari with a laugh.

Passenger Kylie Lahey said: “It’s going to be a whole different experience heading to where the snow is.

Temperatures are cold in Austin, but flights can be delayed or canceled because of what’s happening elsewhere, especially midwestern winter storms.

“You might come here and think, ‘Oh my god, there’s no snow, not even icy roads, so why is my flight delayed or cancelled?’ Because the plane you were planning to board is not here. It’s in another affected location.

This situation is normal, she says, except for how busy airports are this year.

About 28,000 passengers depart on Thursday, Haynes said. It’s not a record, but it’s still busy.

Authorities recommend arriving at the airport two and a half hours early.

“[The security line] It usually goes pretty fast, but this is the craziest airport I’ve ever seen,” Lahey said.

“I hope people get here early and have a good time waiting for their flights. They are not stressed. They are not running around the terminal like Home Alone. I’m not trying to replicate it, here it is,” Haynes said.

“We are here now Woohoo!” said Mun.

Please check with your airline if your flight has been delayed or cancelled.

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