Top 3 cars from the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update

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The GTA Online Los Santos Drag Wars Update will bring new content this December. Most of the cars from the update are out, but some haven’t joined the roster yet. Aside from the new business and First Dose missions, 8 new vehicles of his will be added at launch, with more in the works. Below are the best cars released and data mined from the game files.

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3 Best Cars From The GTA Online Los Santos Drag Wars Update

1. Anise 300R

The Anise 300R is modeled after the 2023 Nissan Z (RZ34) and is a car with a few secrets. First, it will only be available until December 28th, after which it will be delisted. At $2,075,000, he’s not cheap, and has a poor top speed of 211.23 km/h. However, the car makes up for its average performance in blast resistance. The Annis 300R will be an absolute beast in your freemode session as he requires 12 regular missiles to destroy.

2. Ocelot Virtue (unreleased)

The unannounced Ocelot Virtue will retail for $2,980,000 ($2,235,000 trading price) in GTA and will be modeled after the Lotus Evija. Not much is known about the car, but its looks are enough for most car collectors. Some preliminary tests have shown it to be faster than Entity MT. The customization options don’t look great, but the ridiculous rear wing options make for a fun car.

3. Overflow Entity MT

Visually based on Koenigsegg Jesko, Entity MT is a great looking hypercar. Priced at $2,355,000 for him in GTA Online, this car is high in the premium bracket. However, its attributes don’t justify its price tag.Unlike its real-life counterpart, the Entity MT is quite a slouch. Off the line, the rear-wheel drivetrain struggles to make power and is significantly slower than the Virtue. This car is a feast for the eyes, but those looking for better performance should look elsewhere.

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