Snowfall totals increase, roadways turn hazardous

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Live updates from FOX19 meteorologists here. Full timeline below.

11:45 PM: Hamilton County is in a Level 2 Snow Emergency. Only essential trips are recommended. You cannot park your car on the county road.

11:00 p.m.: Hamilton and Butler counties issue a Level 1 snow warning.

Boone County is in a Level 2 Snow Emergency. Road conditions can be very dangerous due to snow accumulations and blizzards, and roads can become icy. Only essential trips are recommended. You cannot park your car on the county road.

The Cincinnati Police Department operates under an accident reporting procedure. This means that during bad weather when the vehicle is drivable and no one is injured, the driver must go to the nearest police station and file a report.

22:28: It’s starting to snow in Cincinnati.

All roads leading to Mount Adams are currently closed, according to the Cincinnati Police Department.

Traffic cameras across the tri-state show heavy snowfall on the roads and highways. Residents are urged to stay home.

9:50pm: We are on the front line now. The temperature difference across the tristate is 42 degrees.

About half of the Tri-State is getting heavy snow.

Update: 8:50 PM: Snow has started to fall in the western portion of the Ohio viewing area, including Oxford and Hamilton in Butler County.

A heavy snow band is moving east into Hamilton County. The wind is blowing 30 mph.

The Indiana Department of Transportation warns of black ice on Interstate 74.

The temperature drops about 1 degree every 10 minutes.

Update 7:45 PM: It’s starting to snow in southeastern Indiana. FOX19 chief meteorologist Steve Horstmayer says it’s likely to get more snow than the original forecast model suggested.

We now expect 4 to 6 inches for more money in some regions. The model continues to evolve throughout the night.

The situation is deteriorating rapidly as snow piles up across western Ohio and southeastern Indiana. Temperatures are plummeting and gusts are reported at 30 mph.

[Closings and Delays]

Cincinnati (WXIX) – As of 8 PM, rain is turning to snow across the region

In Cincinnati, the changeover is until 10:00 PM and east of Cincinnati between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM. Roads freeze because the rain layer freezes quickly. Snow piles up on the icy glaze. It would make travel very difficult.

Winter Storm Warnings and Cold Wind Warnings are in effect for all counties within the FOX19 viewing area.


  • After 7pm, the temperature starts to drop, dropping to 35°C in a few hours overnight.
  • Snowfall is expected to be 4 to 6 inches, with more in the northwest and less in the southeast of the region.
  • Freezing rain and sub-zero temperatures continue to make traveling dangerous on Friday.

The snow will have stopped by 4am on Friday, but the wind will pick up and blow the snow away, making visibility very poor. This is the worst time to be on the road as the crew will be busy handling the road and clearing snow.

National Meteorologists Warn of ‘Bomb Cyclone’ in Great Lakes and Midwest This event occurs during a strong storm when atmospheric pressure drops rapidly, causing blizzard conditions such as high winds and snow.

The Arctic front stretches from Wyoming to Texas.

A snow squall is expected in Tri-State as the front moves through the area after 8pm Thursday. A squall occurs when it snows or blows so much that visibility is limited to a quarter mile or less of him.

Gusts of up to 50 mph are also expected in parts of the Tri-State. Trees and power lines can be damaged, leading to power outages.

Temperatures are expected to fall from 41 degrees at 7pm to single digits by 1am and a 35 degree drop (a “flash freeze”) overnight through Friday morning.

According to NWS data, the tri-state has experienced 35-degree flash freezes only three times since 1948. Most recently, the region experienced a temperature drop of 36 degrees on the night of January 29, 2008.

The road turns into a sheet of ice. Pre-treatment of the road is not possible as the rain only washes it away. Once the ice forms, it remains there for several days.

Temperatures will drop to -27 degrees Celsius at 7:00 am on Friday. Actual temperatures will bottom out at -3 degrees.

Saturday morning is expected to be above freezing for the first time. [Graph]

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FOX19 NOW First Alert Weather Days are valid from 5:00 PM Thursday through 5:00 PM Sunday on Christmas Day.

After a very cold Christmas holiday weekend, temperatures will slowly recover early next week, with daytime highs in the 20s and then in the low 30s.


Kentucky is under a state of emergency, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Wednesday.

“The current forecast is that temperatures won’t drop below freezing until at least Monday,” he warned.

At a press conference, he urged residents to stay off the road and have cold weather safety kits, including backup heating sources.

Beshear said he invoked the state’s price increase law “to ensure that the prices of shovels, ice and other essential supplies are not raised in a manner that would harm Kentuckians.”

He also encouraged residents to check in with each other over the long Christmas holiday weekend.

“We have experienced too many natural disasters,” says Beshear. “We’ve been through too much and lost too many.”


A combination of rain, snow, ice and high winds that can go as low as -35 degrees Celsius presents a major challenge for road crews.

Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Matt Bruning said crews won’t be able to prep roads, but will be positioned along highways so they can begin processing as soon as the snow starts to fall. .

If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, salt becomes less effective.

ODOT can also add other chemicals and beet juice to the salt mixture, but it makes melting ice and snow more difficult.

Given what we currently know, Bruning and the rest of the crew say it’s important to plan ahead and prepare for smooth roads and poor visibility.

Use flashers and leave plenty of room between other vehicles, especially snowplows.

“The best thing to do is plan ahead,” Bruning said. “Please allow extra time, lots of extra time. I see a dangerous situation, so I have to slow down and spend a lot of time getting to my destination.” If you plan well in advance, I think you can reach your destination safely.”

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