NFL playoff picture at Week 16: Bengals clinch, Jaguars now AFC South favorites

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Half of the 14 playoff spots were decided after the first game of Week 16. Here’s a picture of the NFL playoffs after the Jaguars’ 19-3 victory over the Jets on Thursday night. All playoff odds, first seed and Super Bowl win odds athleticNFL betting model for created by Austin Mock. Projected playoff probabilities have been adjusted to take into account possible scenarios for the rest of Week 18 and injuries to quarterbacks Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson and Ryan Tannehill.

AFC playoff pictures

seed team record WEEK 16 RESULTS



at CHI



against SEA



in NE



Against HOU



vs ATL



at IND



vs GB

x — qualified for playoffs | y — confirmed division title

buffalo bills

The Bills, who have won three games in the AFC East, can clinch a third straight title with a win or draw against the Bears on Saturday and a loss or draw for the Dolphins against the Packers on Sunday.

Remaining schedule: Bears, Bengals vs. Patriots

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To get a bye: 60.1% | To win the Super Bowl: 14.2%

kansas city chiefs

The Chiefs won their seventh consecutive AFC West title in Week 15, leaving only a shot at the No. 1 seed. After losing matches against both the Bills and Bengals, the Chiefs need to finish with better records than both teams to secure a first-round bye and homefield advantage in the conference championship round.

Remaining schedule: Against the Seahawks, against the Broncos, against the Raiders

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To win a bye: 36.2% | To win the Super Bowl: 12.8%


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Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals qualified for the playoffs after the Jets lost to the Jaguars on Thursday. Cincinnati made consecutive playoff appearances in his five years from 2011 to 2015. In our model, he has a 68.5% chance of the Bengals winning the AFC North.

Remaining schedule: Patriots vs Bills vs Ravens

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To win a goodbye: 3.7% | To win the Super Bowl: 6.3%

Tennessee Titans

Thursday night’s win for the Jaguars puts more pressure on the Titans, who have lost four in a row, with Ryan Tannehill “most likely” to miss the rest of the season, just half a game in the AFC South standings. Holding the lead.Tennessee in Week 16 against the Texans.

The Jaguars won their first head-to-head matchup against the Titans. His second head-to-head in Jacksonville in Week 18 is set to be a winner-takes-all matchup as long as the Jaguars match or beat the Titans in his next two weeks. increase.

If the Titans enter Week 18 ahead of the Jaguars, a win for Jacksonville in the regular season finale would even the overall record for the two teams and give the Jaguars a 1-1 tiebreaker.

If the Jaguars go into Week 18 ahead of the Titans, Tennessee’s win would mark a good division record as both teams would enter the regular season finale 3-2 against the AFC South in this scenario. Titans will be given a division based on Like the Titans, the Jaguars have one more game against the Texans.

Our model gives Tennessee a 46.3% chance of winning the AFC South three years in a row.

Remaining schedule: Jaguars vs. Texans vs. Cowboys

Odds: Making the playoffs: 47.7% | Getting a bye: 0.0% | Winning the Super Bowl: 1.6%

Baltimore Ravens

of ravens Playoff berths this weekend can be determined by one of five scenarios, including a win or tie for themselves and a win, loss or tie for up to seven other teams. There’s even a scenario where if the Patriots lose, Baltimore wins regardless of the outcome. brownsRaiders, Titans Lost or tied, the Chargers win.

but, athleticof Jeff Zulebiek It’s hard to imagine the Ravens being a serious contender at playoff time without a version of Lamar Jackson who can carry this team on their backs.

Remaining schedule: Against the Falcons, against the Steelers, against the Bengals

Odds: Playoffs: 96.7% | To get a bye: 0.0% | Super Bowl winner: 3.5%

Los Angeles Chargers

of charger A win in Indianapolis on Monday, combined with a loss or draw, will qualify for the playoffs. raiders, patriotjet and/or DolphinAccording to our model, they face a seventh-easiest schedule remaining, starting with a trip to Indianapolis to face a Colts team starting quarterback Nick Foles for the first time this weekend. .

The Chargers hold a head-to-head tiebreaker with the Dolphins, with a better conference record (6-4) than several teams with seven wins, the Patriots (5-4) and the Jets (5-6). I have. The Jaguars are also 6-4 against the AFC following Thursday night’s win.

Remaining schedule: Colts, Rams, Broncos

Odds: Making the playoffs: 85.8% | Getting a bye: 0.0% | Winning the Super Bowl: 3.7%

miami dolphins

The Dolphins are on a three-game losing streak and will not qualify for the playoffs this weekend. The upcoming games against the Patriots and Jets are likely to be highly leveraged considering both teams are currently right behind them in the standings.

Remaining schedule: vs Packers vs Patriots vs Jets

Odds: Making the playoffs: 82.5% | Getting a bye: 0.0% | Winning the Super Bowl: 4.2%

on the hunt

  • Patriots (7-7) | Playoff odds: 23.0%
  • Jets (7-8) | 5.4 percent
  • Jaguars (7-8) | 54.9 percent
  • Browns (6-8) | < 1.0%
  • Steelers (6-8) | < 1.0%
  • Raiders (6-8) | 3.0 percent


  • Broncos (4-10)
  • Colts (4-9-1)
  • Texans (1-12-1)

NFC playoff pictures

seed team record WEEK 16 RESULTS



in the DAL



vs NYG



Against WAS



with ants



against PHI



at MIN



in science fiction

x — qualified for playoffs | y — confirmed division title

philadelphia eagles

With Jaylen Hurts out this weekend, the Eagles won a playoff ticket in Week 14 but have yet to officially conquer the NFC East or secure the No. 1 seed. Here’s how to do both in week 16.

  • Win or tie the Cowboys in NFC East
  • Win or tie Cowboys, lose to Vikings or tie to Giants to earn the 1st seed

Remaining schedule: Cowboys vs Saints vs Giants

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To get a bye: 95.0% | To win the Super Bowl: 16.5%

Minnesota Vikings

Even if the Vikings lose, they can’t do worse than the 3rd seed. They can appreciate the sad state of NFC South.

According to our model, Minnesota has the 6th easiest remaining schedule.

Remaining schedule: vs Giants, Packers, Bears

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To get a bye: 1.5% | To win the Super Bowl: 9.0%

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers know they are unlikely to secure the No. 1 seed, but San Francisco made it clear this week that they are looking to win and overtake the No. 2 seed Vikings.

Remaining schedule: Against the Commanders, against the Raiders, against the Cardinals

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To get a bye: 1.7% | To win the Super Bowl: 7.2%

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The 6-8 Bucks are one game ahead of the other three teams with a 5-9 record. Amazingly, the Panthers are in control of their own destiny as they won their first matchup against the Bucks. The second will take place in Tampa on Week 17. In this model, Carolina has a 10.4% chance of winning her NFC South, while the Bucks have an 83.7% chance of him winning.

Remaining schedule: Cardinals vs. Panthers vs. Falcons

Odds: Getting to the playoffs: 83.8% | Getting a bye: 0.0% | Winning the Super Bowl: 3.3%

dallas cowboys

The Cowboys secured a place in the playoffs last week with the Giants beating the Commanders, but according to our model, Dallas only has a 3.6% chance of winning the NFC East and a 1.8 chance of being the No. 1 seed. % is.

Remaining schedule: vs. Eagles, Titans, Commanders

Odds: To make the playoffs: 100% | To get a bye: 1.8% | To win the Super Bowl: 5.1%

new york giants

The Giants can secure their first playoff spot since 2016 with a win over the Vikings this weekend and a combination of losses by the Commanders, Lions and Seahawks. A win in Minnesota puts his odds over 90% in the Giants playoffs.

Remaining schedule: Vikings vs. Colts, Eagles vs.

Odds: Playoffs: 80.1% | To get a bye: 0.0% | Super Bowl winner: 2.9%



Week 16 NFL Playoff Scenarios: Who Wins and Loses in Each Outcome?

Washington Commanders

Washington lost a major playoff clout last week when it lost to the Giants. Commanders, he’s a 7-point underdog in the road match against the 49ers.

Remaining schedule: 49ers vs. Browns vs. Cowboys

Odds: Making the playoffs: 37.6% | Getting a bye: 0.0% | Winning the Super Bowl: 1.8%

on the hunt

  • Seahawks (7-7) | Playoff odds: 18.1%
  • Lions (7-7) | 57.1 percent
  • Packers (6-8) | 6.9 percent
  • Panthers (5-9) | 10.4 percent
  • Falcons (5-9) | 3.0 percent
  • Saints (5-9) | 3.1 percent


  • Bears (3-11)
  • Cardinals (4-10)
  • Rams (4-10)

(Photo: Vincent Carchietta/USA Today)

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