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The automotive world is starting to look a little more normal this year, with a combination of auto show reruns and smaller automaker-sponsored events to uncover the new cars coming in 2023 (and beyond). rice field. The cars we’ve seen in photos and static show stands this year will be the ones we’ll be driving next year, so our editors sat down and pondered which cars they were most looking forward to testing. No (I honestly don’t remember why), but we’ve put together a list of cars and SUVs that are just as good, or at least intriguing, in late 2021. , as we wanted. There were names like Bronco, Defender, BRZ, Mach E, Wagoneer. We took the plunge with the Nissan Z (coming this year) a bit, but personally opted for his Rivian R1S, which I’m still waiting to drive. As you can see, I haven’t learned my lesson about choosing unobtanium for this list. – Senior Editor James Riswick

cadillac celestic

Senior Editor, Green, Jon Bertz Snyder: I saw an early show car version of the Celestiq early in the pandemic and it was a blast. Then I drove his Lyriq and saw what a good EV Cadillac could do for a fraction of the price. Imagine what you could do with a $300,000 car. My only concern is that with such a rare vehicle, I never get the chance to actually drive it. I wish you success.

2023 Porsche 911 Dakar

Senior Editor James Liswick: This is also one of the bittersweet options. Because I’m pretty sure it’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to drive the 911 Dakar. Neither do my fellow editors below. Only 1,500 will be built, the timeframe has been set, and the press launch is set to include a handful of lucky journalists. auto blog freelance journalist and former auto blog Editor Stephen J. Ewing. he is a nice person But he’s also ridiculous for getting to drive that car in Morocco or somewhere else instead of me. Yeah I’m bitter I’m really going to edit that story. He better not put a semicolon in the wrong place. Turning what should be the downright silly, sarcastic, cash-grabbing exercise of “off-road 911, giggle” into what he looks like is one of the most highly capable and fun cars on the road. , it’s amazing. or turn it off. It seems sheer insanity that Porsche only built 1,500 of his. Nevertheless, I like to think of myself as an optimist, so I hope I’m wrong and I can drive Dakar.

Associate Editor Byron Hurd: Well, Liswick beat me to my first choice, and for much the same reason. It’s about getting that precious moment sitting in a locked car. I hate to say the same thing about this.

2024 Ford Mustang

Associate Editor Byron Hurd: I have owned a 2015 Mustang GT for several years and loved it. It was the first example of Ford’s iconic pony car, not to mention the first one I could comfortably sit in, that truly spoke to me as a driver. It took too long to install the telescopic steering column on that car. We’re very hopeful that there are still relatively affordable sports cars on the market, and the ’24 Mustang gets a lot more recognition than that. This may be the last internal combustion Mustang we’ve ever seen, so I hope Ford gets it right.

2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Senior Editor, Consumer, Jeremy Korzeniewski: By opting for Volkswagen’s upcoming electric van, you might be a little ahead here. VeeDub says deliveries to customers in the U.S. won’t start until the first half of 2024, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a chance to drive it during the 23rd calendar year. Even though it’s a European model, some of my colleagues are already behind the wheel. Either way, I’m very excited about this. Some of my fondest memories with my wife and puppies happened on long road/camping trips in my own vintage VW van. Keeping up with traffic doesn’t sound too bad either, and recharging stops every 250 miles while you’re on a lazy vacation with your family. , sounds dandy for me.

2024 Acura Integra Type S

Zach Palmer from the load test editor: The new Honda Civic Type R may have made headlines this year, but next year it will be the Acura Integra Type S. In every way, the Type S looks like a plush Civic Type R. That means you’ve got most of the performance, but maybe added features like heated seats, heated steering wheels, etc. that are useful for everyday driving. Many other features not available in the more basic Type R. Please sign up!

I already have one Integra in my garage (a 2001 Integra GS-R) and I’m already personally interested in reviving the Integra name. I loved driving his A-Sped earlier this year, but it wasn’t a hardcore hot hatch that I wanted in my driveway. If so, I hope it’s this Type S as my checkbook may be opened. Let’s hope we do it right.

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

News editor Joel Stocksdale: The regular C8 Corvette is one of my favorite cars I’ve ever driven. Next year he wants to ride the new Z06 as well, but he’s actually much more excited about the E-Ray. It will be very interesting to see how hybrid components are implemented. I think the car I already love could be even better. Do you want to keep the attractive V8 and mid-engined chassis while improving efficiency and traction? We think you’ll love it even more with plug-in EV range. At least, I’m assuming. Mr. Chevrolet, please lend me your keys for a week next year!

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