Meet Your Merchant: Smiles and good food — Charlie’s Cafe aims to please

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Kelly and Eric Grossmann have owned and operated Charlie’s Cafe in Grass Valley since 2011. The couple prides itself on serving home-cooked food made from quality ingredients.
Photo: Jennifer Nobles

Few people would argue that a nice breakfast or brunch is a great way to wake up and an opportunity to socialize with friends and family before starting the day.

Step inside Charlie’s Cafe. This is a Grass Valley property that has reopened after a COVID hiatus with an updated menu, new flooring and other adjustments.

“Every time we tried to reopen, they put out new restrictions,” Charlie’s co-owner Eric Grossman said. “We replaced the carpet, replaced the linoleum, replaced the roof, and redone the entire kitchen, and it worked.”

Grossman attended culinary school in Sacramento. He and his wife Kelly have owned the café since 2011, and during that time, Eggs Benedict, his sourdough pancakes, chicken and waffles, and other classic favorites have continued to be served. I’m here. Eric said he likes many of the menu items.

“Chilaquiles are outrageous,” he said. “I can’t get enough of it. And the crispy chicken sandwiches are to die for, too. Those are my two favorites.”

“Chicken & Waffles have also been quite popular since they were on the menu. And our biscuits are baked fresh daily. The gravy is fresh daily. It’s a staple and sells quite a lot of gravy, especially during the winter months.

At Charlie’s Cafe, Charlie, the mascot and resident seat keeper, welcomes you. Multiple people have mistaken the statue for a living person.
Photo: Jennifer Nobles

The Grossmans say there are no real secrets to their success. For them, it’s all about using quality ingredients and friendly service.

“Quality food is best,” Eric said. “[Charlie’s]has been around for years under different names and people identify with it. I came here when I was a kid.

“It’s nice for people to come back. People come back to the kitchen all the time to say how grateful they are for the meal and how good everything was. Indeed, that’s what it does for me.” Thing.”

Kelly wants to help spread the word about Charlie’s and their high quality ingredients and consistency.

“We’re here and you can say we’re open,” she said. “It’s a very small town. I’m kind of surprised that people don’t know about this place yet.”

The couple and their staff are excited to offer a hometown dining experience, ready to satisfy their hunger and all served with a smile. He said it was a radiating joy after finishing.

Grossmann says his favorite part of running his business is “People’s smiling faces and eating good food. It’s hard to find anymore.”

Charlie’s Café is located at 145 South Auburn Street in Grass Valley.Open Wednesday to Sunday 8am to 2pm

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