Are Electric Cars Allowed in NASCAR? Why Is Chrysler Dodge Not in NASCAR?

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Rumors are swirling that NASCAR will be introducing electric vehicles to its trucks. Apparently there were even plans for an ongoing debut all-electric exhibition race in 2023. Unfortunately, that has been cancelled. And rumors suggest that NASCAR was looking to acquire a fourth OEM. Will they compete in the Cup Series or the Guessed Electric Series?


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Earlier this year, kick the tire NASCAR has leaked news of plans to host an all-electric race at the LA Memorial Coliseum. According to their findings, the race was originally scheduled to take place in February at the 2023 Bush Crash. Fans are currently deprived of electric racing experience, but let’s quickly summarize what to expect from his first NASCAR electric racing feat.


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The all-electric race exhibition did not go as expected

An all-new electric car was said to run on a 900-volt architecture. Additionally, the car produces over 1,000 horsepower in pure power. That’s a lot more than the current generation of vehicles. The car featured a tri-motor layout and was supposed to be an all-wheel drive mechanism.

The plan also indicates that the two 30-minute races will be split into separate legs. Additionally, while allowing a total of 12 cars to participate in the event, no cars will be allowed to recharge or replace batteries during the race. While this event will not replace any of the existing series, it was planned to feature the same alongside the Cup Series.

However, months later, news arrived that the planned event would not take place. One would wonder why NASCAR would push the event out of nowhere. After all, they were in talks with former NASCAR OEM Chrysler Dodge. But wait, Dodge was in NASCAR at one point. why did they leave?

Why isn’t the Chrysler Dodge in NASCAR?

There were many factors that led to Dodge’s exit from NASCAR after the 2012 season. One of them stemmed from a business perspective when Chrysler his Dodge failed to sign a new contract with Penske Racing. In fact, the latter later moved to Ford, while the former bore the brunt of its inability to attract a new team.

In his final year at Penske, Dodge even managed to win the title with Brad Keselowski at the wheel. After failing to find a top-notch team to partner with Dodge, the company decided to exit the sport entirely. Dodge tried its luck with the prospect of partnering with several other teams in this area to try and stay in business. auto week‘s Coleman denounces NASCAR’s affinity for downsizing to hammer out a stable business angle for companies like Dodge.

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But in the end it all seemed like a gamble on the business side. Additionally, starting a new engine program for just a few Dodges would cost the team a lot of money. So instead of staying on the field with a few cars and facing a reputational dent by recording his mediocre 2013 season, he left the sport entirely to save himself from impending downfall and the humiliation that entailed. decided to


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If NASCAR goes electric, will Dodge come back?

However, all hope is not lost for manufacturers. Manufacturers still have a glimmer of hope. In fact, Dodge is one of the companies NASCAR was negotiating to introduce an electric series.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – FEBRUARY 14: With Bubba Wallace (driver of #23 DoorDash Toyota) during the 63rd Daytona 500 of the NASCAR Cup Series on February 14, 2021 at Daytona International Speedway. Denny Hamlin (#11 FedEx Toyota driver) races in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by Brian Rowdermilk/via Getty Images)

Many automakers are electrifying their vehicle lineups in the consumer market.according to sports business journal, even Dodge plans to jump on the electric/hybrid bandwagon. What better way to start than by participating in an all-electric racing series? NASCAR says it has plans to convert its Cup Series cars to hybrid power in 2024. And interest in the electric/sustainable market segment Given that, Dodge is very interested in the prospect of joining.


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However, as of this writing, negotiations between NASCAR and Dodge appear to have stalled. There is no guarantee that the manufacturer will re-enter the sport. Their return is possible, but he probably won’t be until the 2024 season. For a team with such a rich history in the sport, it makes sense to return to NASCAR as soon as possible. Whether it’s the Electric Cup Series or the Regular Cup Series, their presence certainly brings good opportunities not only for potential teams, but also for themselves as manufacturers.

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