Shelters nearing capacity and holiday travel delayed as freezing temperatures grip North Texas

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Pastor Wayne Walker leads Our Calling, a nonprofit organization that provides temporary shelter and services to the city’s most vulnerable residents.

“There are elderly people and people with disabilities. There are people fleeing domestic violence,” Walker said. “We work with victims of human trafficking every day, but as you know, these problems are exacerbated on cold days like this.”

So far, the nonprofit’s storm shelter can accommodate up to 360 people and was nearing capacity as of Thursday afternoon, Walker said.more shelters are open In town.

In Fort Worth, the city uses libraries and community centers as warming stations. The city is also working with the Presbyterian Night Shelter to provide a warm space for residents in need. The shelter is expected to reach full capacity on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the cold weather is impacting local and national travel plans.

As of Thursday afternoon, DFW airport had reported at least 99 canceled flights, causing hundreds of delays.A further 54 cancellations were reported at Love Field Airport, according to FlightAware’s latest data. with at least 100 delays.

Love Field spokesperson Lauren Rounds says those numbers aren’t uncommon on a bad weather day, but the crew is making the necessary preparations for the cold.

“There have been no major cancellations or delays,” says Rounds. “There are only a few scattered on our flight status boards, probably from areas of the country where the weather is more severe, or where we don’t want aircraft stranded.”

Rounds said airports are encouraging passengers to pack for the worst weather before traveling and to arrive early for flights ahead of heavy traffic at terminals.

In a statement, DFW airport officials said they had made the necessary preparations for the ongoing sub-zero temperatures.

Ahead of the holiday weekend, the airport expects an average of 200,000 passengers per day.

The statement also said the airport transport shuttle will take extra time at each stop so customers can wait indoors.

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